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Bigg Boss Has Five Facts That Will Completely Astound You

If you're a Bigg Boss fan, you definitely believe you know what happens inside the house and behind the cameras. Just wait before we burst your bubble with these five shocking facts about the reality show.

1. Salman Khan's Money-Making Show

Any season of Bigg Boss is followed by a flurry of rumors about whether Salman will return to host the following season. But the producers somehow manage to get him down, most likely by raising the stakes each time. Salman only shoots for the show once a week and is said to earn about Rs. 6 crore per film. This is about three times his previous season's salary. The actor already has a script writer to whom he pays little bhaav and allows to do whatever he wants. Every episode is sent to him on DVD, and after viewing it, he chooses how he wants to proceed. So, now you know who's really in charge. Check how to Bigg Boss 15 Watch Online.

2. The House of the Bigg Boss is Haunted

The Bigg Boss home, according to inside sources, is haunted. The Bigg Boss crew, as well as the contestants, have seen a few strange occurrences. Some people claim to have felt the shadow of a woman lying on their heads, causing them the sensation of being choked. Any crew members and contestants have also had flickering dreams of what seemed to be a woman standing in the room's corner. Consider how cool it would be if this shadow was seen by one of the cameras. Salman can't match what a ghost can do with TRPs.

3. A lot of the Actual Discussion Bitching Were Excluded

The Bigg Boss house is surrounded by cameras. You can believe that you can see all that happens inside, but you can only see what the channel wants you to see. So, if contestants get too personal, you'll just get to see a mellowed-down edited version of it. Or you might do none at all! They're a little more lenient with bullying, but once the contestants start talking about Salman and his personal life, they'll be cut off. That isn't to say Salman Khan won't find out and air their grievances on national television.

4. It is the cleaning staff, not the contestants, who do all of the tidying up.

The contestants may seem to be working very hard to keep the house clean, but this is mostly a ruse. They do a little bit here and there, but the majority of the cleaning in the house is handled by hired help. Rooms that need to be washed are locked down by magnetic gates so the contestants are not allowed to have any dialogue or contact with the outside world.

5. There Are No Blind Spots Here

Bigg Boss is the first broadcast in the world with over 80 cameras! No other reality show has gone to such lengths to make it seem to be ‘real.' In reality, the house is equipped with two types of cameras: robotic and track cameras. The robotic cameras are mounted within the houses, while the track cameras are positioned outside. These eighty cameras keep a close eye on the contestants.


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